Anton Chakarov

Hello, my name is Anton Chakarov. I have started to work in Diergeneeskundig Centrum Beek on April 2022. I was born in Bulgaria. I grew up as only child of my family in Turkey in years. I studied veterinary medicine at Ankara University and I graduated in 2015. I came to the Netherlands to live and for a good career. I am happy to be part of Diergeneeskundig Centrum Beek family and I have great colleagues with supportive soul. I love to help small paws anyway I can. I am also learning Dutch language and following the path surrounding with Dutch culture. Long story short, I love being here

In my spare times I play piano and read science fiction and detective novels. On the other hand I love to do sightseeing around the Netherlands. I live alone in Geldrop for now. I am with veterinarian friends from other countries who also live in my apartment. It is such a nice activity to discuss sometimes our adventures with four-legged cuties in our practices.

See you in Beek!